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Cloud Security Presentation at SXSW March 19, 2012

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I had a great experience last weekend presenting “Securing the Cloud – What’s Your Cloud Entry Point?” during the SXSW interactive conference in Austin, TX. Most people in the Virtualization community are not aware that SXSW includes a very large annual technology conference that attracts over 20,000 annually. This is in addition to a SXSW film and of course the SXSW music festival.

It was great to see a decent size audience attend on an uncharacteristically rainy cold Austin day, with over 200 attendees. This speaks to the fact that VMware, virtualization, and Cloud are gaining mindshare within more than just the typical infrastructure admin community. With technologies such as Cloud Foundry and vFabric at the PaaS Layer; Horizon Mobile, SlideRocket, Socialcast, and the upcoming Project Octopus and AppBlast at the SaaS and End-User-Compute layer to compliment our IaaS Cloud solutions, we have a large and growing number of products that allow for multiple entry points into the Cloud, each with their own security considerations.

Below is a link to my presentation (on SlideRocket) with audio the audio link. Feel free to leave comments within the SlideRocket Presentation. (One of the cool features of SlideRocket!).

Presentation Slides: http://portal.sliderocket.com/vmware/SXSW-2012

Audio: http://audio.sxsw.com/2012/podcasts/10-HIL-Securing-The-Cloud-Whats-your.mp3

Session Description http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_IAP13577

Session Abstract:

The move to cloud computing is still froth with questions about the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data moved to the cloud. These questions, and their answers, differ depending on the cloud entry point chosen by the end-user. Potential cloud entry points include Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Software-as-a-Service (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) cloud computing solutions. This presentation will review the current state of affairs around cloud computing security, and delve into security considerations end-users should make for each of the differing cloud solution entry points

Are You Ready For Cloud? December 5, 2011

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The following VMware Cloud Readiness Self-Assessment consists of twenty questions in the following categories to gauge your organizations readiness in adopting cloud computing. Once submitted, a custom report will be generated, providing guidance and next steps in your cloud journey.  Go here now to start the assessment, or view a sample report here.

  • Strategy – Aligning business needs with IT capability.
  • Process – Streamlining and automating processes to achieve business agility.
  • Architecture – Establishing an enterprise architecture for this new IT infrastructure.
  • Technology – Designing and deploying your technology infrastructure from virtualization to cloud.
  • People and Governance – Creating the roles and skills necessary to ensure company-wide adoption, and the accountability framework and policies for stakeholder collaboration.

My Media Events at CiscoLive 2011 August 16, 2011

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Below is a guest blog post, interview, and video I participated in at CiscoLive 2011.



Cloud Self-service May 28, 2011

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In a previous post and quick video, I spoke about Cloud (with an IaaS Cloud entry point being referred to) being defined as a means to allow for end-user self service to a multi-tenant environment. End-user self-service is critical when you look at public cloud architecture.However, for many enterprise organizations considering the benefits of a private cloud, enabling a self-service model requires significant operational changes that many comapnies may not be ready for. So if you are an organization that isn’t ready for self-service in the private cloud, does that mean Cloud is not for you?

At the heart of cloud is still multiple layers of abstraction, (typically provided by server, network and storage virtualization), consolidation, and the cap-ex and op-ex savings that these technologies provide. Even without a pure self-service model, the benefits of moving to a private cloud model are many. For some organizations, a pure self-service model may never be realistic. But the efficiency provided by the a private cloud model is almost universally applicable. When coupled with the ability to leverage public cloud resources through the formation of an hybrid cLoud (using technologies like vCloud Director and vCLoud Connector), adopting a private cloud model becomes even more enticing for the enterprise.

Why Private Cloud? December 15, 2010

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In talking to many people in IT, it seems that the concept of the private cloud, and the value a private cloud architecture brings is still not clear to many people. Below is a quick 5 minute video I created earlier this year, explaining the value of the private cloud. Please note, this video was made before the official release VMware vCloud Director (vCD), as it is mentioned by it’s pre-release name.