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Why Private Cloud? December 15, 2010

Posted by wholmes in Cloud, VM101.
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In talking to many people in IT, it seems that the concept of the private cloud, and the value a private cloud architecture brings is still not clear to many people. Below is a quick 5 minute video I created earlier this year, explaining the value of the private cloud. Please note, this video was made before the official release VMware vCloud Director (vCD), as it is mentioned by it’s pre-release name.



1. Arjan Timmerman - January 29, 2011

Hello Wade,

First I want to point out that this is really one of the best explains i’ve seen about the cloud in a long while (well the VMworld vid was a real good one ;-)) but there’s one point where i can’t totally agree with you. Most of the time when the business wants to get IT-resources, where do they go… Indeed to the IT-department. This won’t change, so the burden on IT will shrink (somewhat) but the business will still be knocking on their door for advise and getting the apps working with the rest of the infrastructure. I really don’t believe the Cloud will only bring happy faces to the IT department (as for some it will mean they will loose their job if they don’t change their way of thinking;-))
Maybe (and this is just a thought) it could be even a bigger burden on IT, as IT can get requests now for resources and security issues they didn’t want in the first place…
I really love the Cloud, therefore I really hope businesses do really think about a good Business Case before entering…. Or in other words a business should have a really good roadmap from virtualization to the public Cloud, and everything in between.

wholmes - January 29, 2011

I agree with you that the Cloud may not necessarily bring smiley faces to the IT department. There are many factors that could influence this, such as the willingness of staff to accept a different type of roll, the alignement of true business needs with the service level offerings available in the Cloud, and even the myers-briggs personality type of the IT staff themselves :-). Another factor is that a truly successful Cloud implementation (one that provides perfect alignment of a businesses needs to the service catalog) will most likely see tremendous demand. Successful Cloud adoption actualizes the concept of Jevon’s Paradox (as technology becomes easier to utilize, rate of consumption will increase). As far as security issues, that all depends on the maturity of the Cloud’s service catalog. A properly aligned service catalog to business needs within a Cloud will allow resources to be deployed in a manner corresponding to the acceptable risk appetite of the assets. Whether IT staff decide to embrace this new paradigm or not, a properly designed and implemented Cloud, aligned with the business and operational needs will bring increase an organizations efficiency, and potentially business output. With that, someone should be smiling. 🙂

vdicloud.nl - January 30, 2011

I do agree the Cloud should bring smiley faces. It’s just as with virtualization in the beginning and computing for that part. In Holland we’ve got a saying for that :”Wat een boer niet kent dat vreet hij niet.” In english it’s something like this: What a farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat.” It means that people have problems with adopting things they don’t know.
Cloud implementation is something very important, but for it to be implemented the right way, there must be much more knowledge (in companies) of what the cloud really means. This adoption needs a couple of breaking points (vCD, and Project Horizon for example).
Only if a company really knows it’s service catalog it can adopt Cloud as it should. In a lot of companies this “knowing of the service catalog” needs to be sorted out first. In this process a privat cloud can really 😉 help!
There’s one thing that will adopt Cloud even more (generation X, Y and Z). Generation X has lot’s of problems with Cloud as they grew up without (or with very little) computing power. Generation Y is better prepared but still need to adopt some of the Cloud aspects. Generation Z grew up with the Cloud and don’t need to adopt. Cloud adoption will become easier over the years, but a very big part of it must be done by generation Y (which i’m one of). They have to build a bridge between the two other generations. Look at most IT staffs and you’ll see what I mean 😉
Jevon’s Paradox is one i’ll take into account, really usefull 😉 Thanks

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