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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself September 27, 2013

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After spending the last three years as a member of VMware’s Global Technology Solutions focusing mainly on the creation of various cloud infrastructure services offerings, I am excited to announce I will be embarking on a new journey within VMware as a Senior Technical Marketing Architect focusing on storage and availability reference architectures and solutions.

It will be great to work more closely with my esteemed Technical Marketing teammates Cormac Hogan, Ken Werneburg, Rawlinson Rivera, Jeff Hunter, Mike Foley and the soon to be joining Gurusimran Khalsa (yes Gurusimran, you will still have to sort the M&Ms, but don’t worry, I don’t eat candy so you can give my share to someone else 😉 ).

As many have noticed, there is a tremendous amount of excitement around VMware’s VSAN, and that excitement is well warranted and I believe will become a fever pitch as the solution approaches GA. This is a very transformative time in the IT industry, with multiple agents of change driving both technology and operational advances within the datacetner.  One of the primary change agents, the vision of the software-defined storage, and its tie into software-defined compute and network stacks, is being lead head on by VMware with technologies such as VSAN, vVOL,____, _____.

But, as with any change comes the need to properly understand how to fit this new enabling technology within your current or future datacenter. The need to provide reference architecture guidance on how these new technologies can be efficiently designed, integrated and deployed with complimentary technology will be greater than ever. I am excited to begin working with partners and helping customers along the journey into software-defined storage and ultimately the SDDC, addressing  the business needs of customers in the present, while also helping to drive forward what is to come.


1. Rawlinson - September 27, 2013

You better get my Red M&M ready fool

2. Matt Cowger (@mcowger) - September 27, 2013

Awesome – well, you know where to find me when you need EMC help (or just a free lunch!).

3. Iben Rodriguez (@iben) - September 27, 2013

SDDC, Storage as a Service, Security as a Service, SDS, SDSec. NFV. All these acronyms. Wade – good to see you’re on the job.

I wrote about this here: https://www.nsslabs.com/blog/cloud-and-software-defined-data-center-after-vmworld-2013

It will be interesting to see how the various vendors and products that make up an SDDC stack interoperate. What are the security and performance impact of deviating from a single vendor solution?

Can we live without “one throat to choke” when something goes wrong?

As more organizations move traditional hardware functions into software that can be automated they will need to step up to a DevOps model to stay competitive.

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